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A second opinion for your antivirus

Avira Free System Speedup is an Avira tool that scans your disk for viruses. Unlike other Avira security products, Avira Free System Speedup Cleaner requires no installation and works on demand, meaning that it doesn't remain in the background like antiviruses normally do.

If you need a second opinion when it comes to searching for malware, Avira Free System Speedup will help you analyze your folders or your entire disk and tell you whether or not there are any malicious programs present.

A helping hand for your antivirus

As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. This is the idea behind Avira Free System Speedup, a simple but useful application for finding out if your computer is actually infected. If you notice strange behavior on your PC and your default antivirus says there's nothing wrong, you can use Avira Free System Speedup to confirm it. Avira Free System Speedup requires no installation. You open it, download the main .exe file, along with the necessary definitions to find the malware, and it will immediately analyze the most likely folders containing malware. Additionally, you can check the Full scan box to scan the entire disk to reassure yourself that your computer is definitely clean.

The process takes time, and will vary depending on the size of the hard disk and the processing speed of your PC. In any case, at the end of the scan, a new window will pop up to alert you of anything dangerous on your machine. If any file is found that could potentially be dangerous or harmful, Avira PC Cleaner gives you the option of obtaining more information so that you can find out which file is infected and which malware it contains, and then remove the file. When it comes to this option, Avira PC Cleaner has the same technology as Avira antivirus.

One click and it's ready

Avira Free System Speedup isn't an antivirus in itself, but rather is an important part of an antivirus: analysis on demand. In this sense, they've created a tool that's as simple as possible so that a couple of mouse clicks is all it takes to run the analysis and carry out the subsequent clean-up.

Another layer of security

Protecting yourself online requires more effort these days. In addition to common sense and being cautious while browsing or downloading files, an antivirus is something to keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises.

A tool like Avira Free System Speedup is for specific cases, or to use once a month as an element that adds another layer of security to your computer to helps you find malware that your regular antivirus may have missed.

The most powerful tune-up tool to keep your PC clean and increase performance

Spring cleaning for your PC
Gain gigabytes of storage space by deleting cookies as well as junk and outdated files.

Increase your PC's performance
Shorten your start up time and prevent programs from starting automatically that you do not need.

Prevent system freezes and crashes
With just a click, System Speedup fixes errors, repairs broken settings, and cleans your system registry.

Smart power modes
Does your battery always die on you when you're travelling? Those days are over. Just like a smart power-saving mode on your smartphone, System Speedup makes your PC’s battery last, and last, and last!

  • More than 30 tools help you optimize your PC, making System Speedup one of the most comprehensive tools on the market.
  • System Speedup cleans more data than most other tools.
  • Straightforward cleanup and optimization with just one click.


  • No installation required
  • Ease of use
  • Two modes: quick and full
  • Based on Avira antivirus engine


  • Analysis takes a long time
  • No date information on defintions
  • You can't choose a specific folder

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Avira Free System Speedup


Avira Free System Speedup for Windows

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